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The GreenVulcano® ESB adapters, configured in GVAdapters.xml, provide the implementations for connecting to external systems.

VulCon / GV Console Configuration

The following table shows the available Adapters and its application:

Adapter Description
GVWebServices (aka GVAxis2) GreenVulcano® ESB Web Services definition
GVHL7ListenerManager Adapter for enabling inbound connections using the HL7 protocol
GVForwards (in GVCore.xml) GreenVulcano® ESB JMS Forward configuration.
EJB Core
GVAdapterHttpConfiguration GreenVulcano® ESB inbound HTTP adapter configuration.
RSHServiceClientConfiguration Remote Shell Handler configuration
GVConnectorConfiguration GreenVulcano® ESB client API configuration. REMOVED from v3.3
GVSocialAdapter-Configuration GreenVulcano® ESB Social adapter configuration.
GVRulesConfigManager Drools Rules set definition.
Adapter Description
GVAdamAdapterManager ADAM (Agile Digital Archive Manager) adapter.

GreenVulcano® ESB has also implemented other support functions listed bellow: