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Welcome to GreenVulcano® ESB Wiki

the place where you can find all information about our ESB.

Start exploring GreenVulcano® ESB Basic concepts or follow the links below!

Core Developers: check our Software Development Guidelines (draft)


GreenVulcano® ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus, Open Source, fully developed by one of the most experienced EAI teams, derived from a deep understanding of the topic on vendor products and from the direct participation in implementations of ESB systems with very challenging design requirements:

  • High transactions volume
  • Large number of interconnected systems and different protocols supported
  • Response in near real time
  • Availability of technology adapters (Database, File, Web Services, e-Mail, etc)
  • Availability of application adapters
  • Powerful and flexible Data transformation engine

GreenVulcano® ESB is a Java-based software built to support complex SOA architectures. Its multi-layer architecture allows an unlimited customization, solving most of enterprise integration issues like exchanging data between existing systems. Many plugins and adapters are already available for a huge flexibility.

Take a look at our Road Map and share your opinion with our team!

See also: License, Project examples, Change-log


GreenVulcano® ESB, entirely made in Java, provides full compatibility with most operating systems that support natively the Java Virtual Machine provided by Sun Microsystems. In order to install, configure and run GreenVulcano® ESB, please follow next items:


GreenVulcano® ESB Enterprise is provided of a powerful graphical designing tool VulCon®. It can be used to easily build integrations among systems and to model service flows.

See VulCon® section for further information and to understand how it is possible to create a service oriented modeling approach, avoiding developers to write new soure code or manually edit any configuration file.

To create and deploy a new service with GreenVulcano® ESB there's no need to write and test new Java code!

With the latest release of VulCon®, the graphical design tool for GreenVulcano® ESB, integration will never be easier, since VulCon® is, by far, the easiest and most accessible way to build integration flows.

See the amazing Debugger available from GreenVulcano® ESB v3.3, the essential tool for your productivity. Also, from this version, VulCon® is now part of Developer Studio, a complete workbench for developing complex workflows with GreenVulcano® ESB.

GV Console®

GreenVulcano® ESB is provided of a sophisticated web application for the administration and deploy of the entire platform.

See GV Console® section for detailed information on how to:

  • Save a configuration
  • View and restore previous configurations
  • Profile users
  • Create and design workflows
  • Configure any component, layer and connector
  • Start and stop services (also logical groups of services)
  • Test services
  • Monitor the state of one or more GreenVulcano® ESB instances
  • Hot reload new services and configurations (you never need to stop the server!)
  • Create statistical graphics
  • Track the log files with advanced filtering
  • ... and more ...