Connectivity Layer

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The GreenVulcano® ESB Connectivity Layer is the logical layer that provides connectivity to external systems

Plug-in architecture

  • Any new JCA connector can be easily plugged-in at run-time
  • Client libraries are provided to external systems or applications to request services
    • EBJ (Java client library) ‏
    • EBC (C++ client library) ‏

The GreenVulcano® ESB platform is currently provided with the following Applicative Adapters

  • SIO ® (SAP® Interface Object) ‏
  • Jarad® (ARS Remedy®)
  • JBPM
  • HL7‏
  • Filenet®
  • Tuxedo
  • BMQ
  • Tibco®
  • Alfresco®
  • OpenSPCoop

The GreenVulcano® ESB platform is also provided with the following Technological Protocol Adapters