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May I use the open source version of JDK, OpenJDK, instead of the one provided by Oracle?

GreenVulcano® ESB is 100% compatible with the Java Virtual Machine provided by Oracle. We recommend to use the JDK 1.6 version provided by Oracle, although we are aware of GreenVulcano® ESB users that have found no malfunctionings with OpenJDK. Starting with version GreenVulcano® ESB runs with JDK 8.

I'm unable to start GreenVulcano® ESB because there are some ports already in use on the server. What can I do?

The startup script contains the parameter "-Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-default" defined in the variable JB_OPTS.
You can modify "ports-default" choosing another portset with one in the following list:

  • ports-01; The ports-01 bindings are obtained by taking the base bindings and adding 100 to each port value
  • ports-02; The ports-02 bindings are obtained by taking the base bindings and adding 200 to each port value
  • ports-03; The ports-03 bindings are obtained by taking the base bindings and adding 300 to each port value

Eg. -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-01

How can I access the GreenVulcano® ESB administration console?

The console is available at http://SERVER-HOSTNAME:8080/gvconsole, where "SERVER-HOSTNAME" should be replaced by the address of the server where GreenVulcano® ESB was installed.

I can't access the administration console. What can I do?

Check, in the log file server.log, the correct deployment of the GV Console®. Check on the console of Jboss http://SERVER-HOSTNAME:8080/web-console/ in the J2EE Domains if the file gvconsole.war is present.

I don't know the credentials to access the administration console. Where can I find it?

The credentials to access the administration console, GV Console®, can be found in the file gvesb-users.properties present in the directory $GV_HOME/xmlconfig.

I have a problem that I can not solve. How can I contact the GreenVulcano® ESB support?

It is possible to contact GreenVulcano® ESB support sending an email to support@greenvulcano.com containing the details of:

  • Version of the Java virtual machine used
  • Operating System
  • Short description of the hardware architecture

Users are encouraged to attach the log files present in the directories $GV_HOME/log and $GV_SERVER/log. See also the forum available at http://www.greenvulcano.com/forum/ where it is possible to find any information of a technical nature as well as requesting help from the community creating a thread/post with the problem description.