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The installation of GreenVulcano® ESB is provided with the following services.

Example scope Service name
Creating a synchronous service TOUPPER
Creating an asynchronous service with JMS forward TOUPPER_A
Using the metadata TestProperty
Interacting with FileSystem and validating XML files. Creating support services ValidateXMLFiles and ValidateSingleXMLFile
Interacting with a Remote FileSystem via FTP and validating XML files. Creating support services ValidateRemoteXMLFiles and ValidateRemoteSingleXMLFile
Sending an email with attachments TestFileAttachment
Receiving and processing emails. Using support services ProcessSVCEmails and ProcessSingleSVCEmail
Using WebServices as input and output CCardQuery
Using WebServices as input and output CCardPay

Clicking on the service name (of those available) you can see a detailed description of the service VulCon® configuration procedure.

Once a service has been configured and saved you have to export the last configuration. To do that:

  1. Go to the Project view of VulCon®. Expand the <your project> item and click "conf".
  2. Refresh (F5)
  3. Right click the <your project> item.
  4. Select voice Export -> "Vulcon Export Tool" -> "Vulcon Project". A new window will be open
  5. Select the full path of the VulCon configuration .zip file. Click Finish

Now you are able to deploy and test your services with GV Console®. For seeing how through an example click here.