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The GV Console is a Web Application providing a centralized tool to manage, monitor and administer all the GreenVulcano® ESB instances.

This application makes the deployment of Services on the GreenVulcano® ESB servers easier, helps the functional testing, the log listing and system performance visualization.


Access GVConsole

GreenVulcano® ESB Console can be accessed at the URL:

http://ipAddress:port/gvconsole (Ex. http://localhost:8080/gvconsole)

where ipAddress is the server address where the application has been deployed and gvconsole is the name given to the web application. In order to display the web console, users must login by submitting a valid administrator account credentials.

GV Console Menu

With the GV Console you can:


Next steps

In order to learn more about GV Console see Examples using the GV Console section. Otherwise, if you already know how this application works, you may want to deploy new services and test your VulCon first flow. {{#w4grb_rate:}} <w4grb_ratinglist latestvotes items="5" nosort/>