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After Installation and configuration previously described, make sure that, in case of *nix systems, the user with which GreenVulcano® ESB will be executed has exec permission for the following scripts:


Finalizing the installation

If you have chosen to perform the installation by downloading the GreenVulcano® ESB Package that does not include JBoss, you need to change some files with steps described below:

Info.png The jboss-service.xml is present in the following location:

The variable defined in the script start indicates the home directory of the product.

Add the following lines to the file jboss-service.xml:

<!-- GreenVulcano ESB library directory -->
<classpath codebase="${}/application/lib" archives="*"/>


<classpath codebase="${jboss.server.lib.url}" archives="*"/>
<classpath codebase="${jboss.common.lib.url}" archives="*"/>

Change in the file the bootstrap/profile.xml the configuration of the mbean BootstrapProfileFactory as follows:

Info.png The file profile.xml is present in the following path:
<bean name="BootstrapProfileFactory" class="org.jboss.system.server.profileservice.repository.StaticProfileFactory">
      <property name="bindingsURI">${jboss.server.home.url}conf/bindingservice.beans</property>
      <property name="bootstrapURI">${jboss.server.home.url}conf/jboss-service.xml</property>
      <property name="deployersURI">${jboss.server.home.url}deployers</property>
      <property name="applicationURIs">
         <list elementClass="">
            <!-- GreenVulcano ESB deployment directory -->
      <property name="attachmentStoreRoot">${}/attachments</property>
      <property name="profileFactory"><inject bean="ProfileFactory" /></property>

Modify the file login-config.xml as follows:

Info.png The file login-config.xml is present in the following path:

The files *.properties are present in the following path:


The OdeHsqlDbRealm needs a DataSource registered with name ds.ode usually configured in:


<application-policy name="gvesb">
        <login-module code=""
            <module-option name="usersProperties"></module-option>
            <module-option name="rolesProperties"></module-option>
<application-policy name = "OdeHsqlDbRealm">
        <login-module code = ""
                      flag = "required">
            <module-option name = "principal">ode</module-option>
            <module-option name = "userName">ode</module-option>
            <module-option name = "password">ode</module-option>
            <module-option name = "managedConnectionFactoryName">jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=ds.ode</module-option>
Info.png The third part configurable components, in order to be integrated with GreenVulcano® ESB,
can be copied in the following directory:

When the installation procedure described above is finished, the file system will be structured as follows:

deploy/: contains the application components (ejb, war, ear) and the configuration files of the application server (JBoss) resources.
lib/  : contains the GreenVulcano® ESB support libraries.
BIRTReportEngine/ :contains BIRT report definitions
BpelProcess/ :contains ODE BPEL prosess definitions
extra/  : contains the configuration files fragments and DDL scripts to enable logging, statistics and savepoints on various DataBases
licenses/ : contains the license of the libraries used by GreenVulcano® ESB
reference/: contains the PDF files that are the GreenVulcano® ESB configuration reference guides and XSD files that describe the internal structure of some GreenVulcano® ESB XML
dtds/  : contains the dtds used by GV Console®/VulCon® to validate the GreenVulcano® ESB configuration
gvconsole/: contains the GV Console® work files and the configurations back-up
gvdte/  : contains the transformations maps used by the GreenVulcano® ESB DTE (Data Transformation Engine).
bin/  : contains the maps for binary transformation (binary buffers <-> XML)
xsl/  : contains the maps for XSL transformations
xsd/  : contains the XSD file used to validate the transformations input/output
log/  : contains the log files of the various GreenVulcano® ESB subsystems, differentiated by the subsystem name and day. In this directory are generated the dumps of input/output buffers of services invoked by GV Console®
Rules/ : Drools rules definition files
modules/  : contains the MAR files that defines the extra modules for AXIS services
services/ : contains the AAR files that defines the WebService published by GreenVulcano® ESB
xmlconfig/: contains the GreenVulcano® ESB configuration XML files and the license enabling the adapters for the Enterprise version.
js/  : contains the JavaScript files used to create pre-configured execution contexts
wsdl/  : contains the WSDL files of the WebService published and invoked by GreenVulcano® ESB
xsds/  : contains the XSD files used in the WSDL service published by GreenVulcano® ESB and the validation of XML documents.
GreenV/ --> alias $GV_SERVER
log/ : JBoss server log directory