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Road Map

The engagement of GreenVulcano is to evolve the integration platform basing on the following criteria:

  • Requests / Contributions from the community
  • Specific needs of customers and developers
  • Contributions of partners / System Integrators

Our team adds its experience and expertise by offering innovative solutions in line with the vision that has always pushed us since our birth: simplicity and robustness.

GreenVulcano remains thus attached to the "real world", not in any way feeling the need to pursue or chasing at all costs the latest fashion trends of other products in the market.

The Roadmap is periodically updated by our software architects.

Version 3.2 (Q1 2012)

  1. “Sub Flow” management
  2. BPEL Flows management
  3. Every-component-Wizard on VulCon designer
  4. Visual Data Mapper
  5. Drools integration
  6. HL7 Adapter
  7. New Wiki

Version 3.3 (Q1 2013)

  1. Visual Debugger
  2. Deploy and test from VulCon
  3. GreenVulcano Studio

Version 3.4 (Q2 2014)

  1. Parallel Flow support
  2. Extension of VulCon wizards

Version 4.0 (Q4 2014)

  1. Service High availability and GV propietary cluster management implementation (currently managed by application server)
  2. OSGI-based release